Things I Support & Don't Support

Dog Love       This is a long and growing list of things that I support & don't support. It could be a business, a charity, or a topic but this is where you will find things that I personally am supportive of or not.

      This isn't a page for me to bash people on, it's a page where I will state my support in many different areas and this page will continue to grow with time.

*Support* U.S. Military & Veterans

U.S. Military & Veterans      The United States military and it's Veterans have my full 100% support. It doesn't matter to me who is calling the shots in the white house the military simply follows oders. So for those that want to trash the U.S. military because you disagree with political decisions, your input is irrelevant to me.

      I am a disabled combat Veteran of the Iraq war. A lot of people say we had no business being there and that the miitary should have never went. To those people I say, we we're following orders so direct your gripes elsewhere because we simply did our jobs.

      For those that disrespect Veterans such as the way our Veterans we're disrespected when they came home from Veitnam, It's MY personal belief that you have no place in this society.

      I will always stand behind our troops and our Veterans no matter the cause and you will NEVER catch me kneeling when the National Anthem is played... you will find me saluting.

*Support* USO

USO       I proudly support the USO and it is my number one choice for a charity for veterans and active duty military.

      My reason for having so much faith in and throwing my support behind the USO is because I have personally reaped and saw the benefits of the USO first hand while I was deployed to Iraq and even when I was not deployed.

      To give you some examples, while I was stationed in Germany on our barracks base, each unit had a storage shed (that was quite big mind you). We we're out gathering equipment out of the shed and doing inventory checks on what we we're supposed to have for each platoon. Well the USO had their own storage unit out there as well (I didn't know this at the time). It was pretty hot that day as we were all out there in the shed pulling out gear and laying it out for accountabiliy and inspection... Well this man (who was a USO volunteer) comes out of the USO shed a few sheds down on a golf cart. On the back of his golf cart he had a cooler crammed full of water and gatorades. The man, with a big smile on his face said "you guys look like you could use something to drink" he pulled the cooler off the back of his golf cart and opened up and said "feel free, dig in, take what you want". We all eagerly grabbed water and gatoraides, thanked the man and he went on his way.

      Now when I was deployed and landed in Kuwait, the USO had a huge tent setup for all of us military personnel to come into and play video games, they had four huge TV's with Xbox's and Playstation's hooked up to them where we could sit and play video games. They also had a miniture theater setup where you could watch whatever movie was playing with nice chushioned seats (something that's hard to find when your deployed). They also had free calling cards full of minutes and you could walk up to the counter and ask for a cell phone and they would give you a cell phone with a calling card so that you could call home, all FREE!

      The USO didn't stop there. Even when I got to Iraq the USO ensured that we had "calling centers" or little trailers setup and would give us calling cards so we could call home or they would have computers that had an internet connection and we could Skype (video call) our families back home. All of these things we're provided by the USO.

      Now don't get me wrong, I'm SURE there are other great military charities out there for active duty personnel and Veterans but this is what I personnaly saw first hand so I know it's legit and for all of the reasons that I listed, that is why I throw my support behind the USO. So if your considering giving to a military charity but your not sure which to donate to, I hope this background has helped make up your mind! Donate To The USO