Logo Design Services

Logo Design       I provide logo design services for anyone. I will do unlimited revisions and try and help you come up with the perfect logo for your brand, business, career, whatever it may be that you need a logo designed for. I do not charge a set rate and I work based off of donations only. That means you get to decide what you want to donate to me for my services. A lot of people ask for a figure but I will not give one. I will just say that most professionally designed logos where you will get all the files for printing, the internet, etc. will cost you well over $150. My goal is to provide a service where I can get you what you want in a product with ALL the files included (yes vector files as well) where you're not spending a ton and I can put a little extra money in my pocket as well.

Logo Design       As a disabled Veteran I cannot claim any income which is why I do this as not only a hobby but because I cannot claim any additional income on my taxes, which is where the "donation" part comes into play. I accept donations for my work securely via Paypal.

If you are interested in having a logo designed by me, please contact me via Twitter or Facebook.

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