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Concepting a Hardware Wallet


This is my attempt at concepting what a physical digital current wallet would like. These exist to take currency offline. This exercise originated when a member of Block asked their Twitter audience for help thinking about batteries that could fit their hardware. I saw this as a fun design challenge. I like watch batteries due to their form factor and long-term efficiency. So instead of thinking about what battery would fit this unknown hardware I concepted the hardware around the battery I would want to use.

What kind of battery should power the hardware wallet we're building? We've got a decision to make and would like to hear from you! You can find context about the decision and tradeoffs in this public document: https://t.co/dEiLJizHJz 🧵

— Max Guise (@max_guise) January 25, 2022


Wallet form factor sketches Sketches showing magnets inside General interior shape pieces sketch Blueprint sketch of the wallet