My Dogs

Dog Love       So I know a lot of my family, friends, and followers are curious about my dogs so I have created this page that is dedicated to my dogs. The page will give you a profile picture of each dog with their name, breed, and a little background on each dog.

      Our dogs are each a part of the family. They are our "fur babies" as a lot of people refer to their animals as. We cherish our time with our dogs and love each and every one of them!

The dog's are listed in order of their age with Kirra being the oldest. I didn't put ages because I don't want to have to come back to the page all time to update information.


Kirra Name: Kirra

Breed: Pure Bred German Shepherd (Born in Landstuhl Germany)

Kirra was the very first German Shepherd that I owned. I got her while I was stationed in Germany from a German breeder in a small town called Landstuhl.

When I was medically retired from the military, Kirra became my service dog. She is a very kind and loving German Shepherd with a very mellow temperment. She has since been retired as my service dog as age has crept up on her and she has lost the majority of her hearing, has trouble getting in and out of the car, and rarely even comes up the steps anymore.

We do have her on medication to help with her joints and to provide her with some relief.


Sage Name: Sage

Breed: Pure Bred German Shepherd (Born in Lancaster Pennsylvania)

Sage has established herself as the alpha dog in the house. She is extremly protective of the house and yard but does quite well outside of the house and in public.

I would have trained Sage to take over the reigns as my service dog because of Kirra's condition but she is simply too aggressive and would not fit the status of a service dog.

We sometimes call Sage Houdini as she has escaped a locked and closed crate with coming back and the door still being locked and closed with no evidence of escape. She has also opened doors and left the house on her own when we weren't home, prompting us to take other security actions so that she cannot go take a stroll through town on her own. This is just a few examples of her tricks and capabilities. She is extremely intelligent.

Annastasia (Anna)

Annastasia Name: Annastasia (Anna)

Breed: Boston Terrier Mix

Anastasia was a rescued by my wife. She was thoroughly abused by her previous owner and had multiple litters of puppies prior to the age of one. When we first got her she was extremely timid and would run away from us but it didn't take very long for that to change. She quickly realized that we weren't anything like the place she had come from and she had been brought into a loving home.

Anna (as we sometimes refer to her as) is still very timid around stangers but she is slowly getting better with more exposure.

And the big question, YES! She get's along great with the German Shepherds and plays and rough houses right along with them!


Lincoln Name: Lincoln (Named after President Abraham Lincoln)

Breed: Pure Bred German Shepherd (Born in Lancaster Pennsylvania)

Lincoln is the youngest of the group which is why he is listed last. Lincoln is still a pup basically and has not reached his full growth. He still has another year to grow and anohter 6 months to fill out.

Being the history buff that I am, I named Lincoln after one of my favorite historical icons, President Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln is currently "in training" to become my new service dog but he still has a long road ahead of him. His personality is still developing along with his horomones and it can make it difficult to train a service dog like this. A typical service dog takes 2+ years to train. I work with him as much as I can but as I stated before, he has a long road ahead of him. I plan on putting him through some classes as well not just for the training but mainly the interaction and the distraction training. I can work with him around the dogs we have but being around other dogs and taking commands is another story.

So wish Lincoln and I the best of luck as we have a long road ahead of us both as we work together and train. He certainly fits the catergory and classification/temperament of a service dog so he has that going for him.