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Re-imagining Employee Staffing in 2021

The New Beacon Hill Staffing Homepage
The New Beacon Hill Homepage See It Here


Beacon Hill Staffing was seeking to position themselves as a leader in workforce staffing and recruitment services while highlighting its comprehensive services suite across a wide range of industries.


Below is a summary of the Discovery Phase of the Beacon Hill website redesign. If you would like to see the entire projects summary from plan, design, and build check out this link here to IMarc's portfolio.

Stakeholder Interviews

Our process always started with interviewing senior stakeholders. After the project is sold the UX Strategy department needs to understand the full scope of our clients expectations and what they claim they are really trying to solve for. We identified from the C-Suite and Department Directors the:


We then identified the competitors of the business, but chose to group them according to how Beacon Hill claimed to want to reach their goals. It's not helpful to a client to remind them of who they compete against every day, so we framed our approach as: “Here are your competitors that":


While digging into Beacon Hill's analytics platforms we shared with them that during 2020:


The last piece of our Discovery process was to present themes. Themes help guide the Strategy part of the project because as we make interations with the client on the Sitemap and eventually Wireframes, it's helpful to remind ourselves what we are marching towards with our work. Here were the themes:


The results of the website redesign were fantastic. Two metrics that I am personally proud of was month over month there was an increase in job applications of 1500+ and a 130k increase in pageviews. According to the client this is double their normal intake. After my tenure with the agency ended, the new website we had built enabled our exceptional Digital Marketing team to put in place a strategy using two detailed persona's I built during Discovery that increased Beacon Hill's overall conversion rate by 434%.


Process images can be seen below.