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Here at we offer HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES & INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS! is the corporate page that manages all of our websites. Here you will find links to our site's, information about our staff, see who our partners are, and find ways to contact and connect with us. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible through out site's and you will find unparalleled service, quality, and dedication from our team.

As with all services that we offer, we do not charge anything to our customer's or clientel. We work purely based off of donations! We feel that a customer has the right in a free market to choose what they want to pay for the services that they are getting. We have no hidden fees, no charges, nothing, you simply work with our site's on the product(s) that you're interested in and once delivered to you, you can choose to make a donation to us based on what you value the work to be. No donation is too small! For once, a company is putting the power of sales into YOU'RE hands, where we believe that it belongs.

The only acception to deciding what you want to pay for our services is on our website We will negoiate prices for domains sold on the site but still collect payment for any domain name bought as a "donation". We usually sell our domains for a much cheaper price than you would find on a competitor's website.


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Title: Owner/Founder | Since September 2018 - Present

Justin Bailey is the owner/founder of Justin is a disabled veteran of the Iraq war. He grew up in two different places really. Suffolk, Virginia and Lititz, Pennsylvania where he currently resides. Justin handles all of the website design work, coordinating with our graphic design artist and preparing resumes, pretty much everything the studio offers. Justin works directly with all of the customers and usually is the one that you will be communicating with 100% of the time unless there is some sort of emergency and he isn't available.

Justin also has his own personal site that he runs:



Title: Marketing Director | Since September 2018 - Present

Maxine is Justin's wife and is the director of marketing for the studio. Maxine is constantly plugging away looking for the best ways to promote the studio and bring in new clients. She always seems to find the best deals when it comes to paid marketing and keeps us visible in the search engines and other portal sites.

She also is involved in targeting and helping find potential partners for the studio and forging relationships with other businesses that she believes we can mutally benefit from with one another. Needless to say, she's one sharp cookie.