PC Tune-up

tune-up A PC tune-up is my flagship service. It is our service that is most used by my clients. Most clients use this service on a bi-monthly basis, some on a monthly but I recommend bi-monthly. It doesn't hurt to have it done monthly or even weekly (as I do on my system, which is a little overkill). This service includes ALL of the following when it is utilized:

Virus Removal Malware Removal, Spyware Removal, Registry Repair, Junk File Clean, Privacy Sweep, Update Out of date drivers, Program Errors, System Optimization, Security Reinforcement, Updates, Disk Cleanup, Clear browser cache, Clear internet history, Clear download history, Remove temporary internet files, Clean memory dumps, Startup Optimization, Registry Defrag, Internet Boost, Vulnerabilty Fix, Shortcut Fix, Disk Optimization

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