Staff was founded in December of 2017 by Justin Bailey, but since the site has grown it has had the need to bring a few people on to help the studio out along the way. On this page you will be introduced to the staff here at as well as a few facts about the studio.

Some Company Factoids

Inception: December, 2017

How we got our name: was named after the owner/founder Justin Bailey.

Employees: A whopping 3 (Whatch out we roll deep!!)

What keeps us going: Our team runs on an unlimited supply of coffee, energy drinks, and the passion to bring our clients and partners the very best experience that we can provide.

It's all about the people.


Justin Bailey

Title: Owner/Founder
Since December 2017 - Present

Justin Bailey is the owner/founder of Justin is a disabled veteran of the Iraq war. He grew up in two different places really. Suffolk, Virginia and Lititz, Pennsylvania where he currently resides. Justin handles all of the computer work (repairs, tune-ups, hardware issues, well, really all of the services that the studio offers. Justin works directly with all of the customers and usually is the one that you will be communicating with 100% of the time unless there is some sort of emergency and he isn't available.

Justin also created and manages all aspects of as well as handling all operations of the site.


Maxine Bailey

Title: Marketing Director
Since May 2018 - Present

Maxine is Justin's wife and is the director of marketing for the studio. Maxine is constantly plugging away looking for the best ways to promote the studio and bring in new clients. She always seems to find the best deals when it comes to paid marketing and keeps us visible in the search engines and other portal sites.

She also is involved in targeting and helping find potential partners for the studio and forging relationships with other businesses that she believes we can mutally benefit from with one another. Needless to say, she's one sharp cookie.


Brian Lawson

Title: Content Analyst / Publisher
Since May 2018 - Present

Brian is critical to He keeps an eye on all of the content that goes on the site and checks for any typos or grammar errors. He is a constant cog as he is consistently trying to keep up with information and updates that Justin is placing on the site and making sure everything is professional and worded correctly to keep our image as professional as possible.

When Brian finds any errors on the site he makes the neccessary corrections and publishes them to Justin so that the corrections can be made ASAP on I mean, who could function without a guy like this?