The Ring of Valor

Ring of Valor founded The Ring of Valor on 26, June 2018 with the intention of networking Veteran and military owned businesses together so that people could recognize that their business was military owned and operated. The Ring of Valor stands with each and every branch of the United States military and supports one another.

The Ring of Valor gives military/veteran business owners the ability to network with one another and find other veteran owned business owners.

****Don't be fooled, if you come across a site with The Ring of Valor logo on it and their business name is not listed on this page, they have NOT been verified as a military/veteran owned business. Only those that have been confirmed will be listed on this page listed below, are true members of the Ring of Valor and are confirmed military/veteran business owners.

Apply for membership into the Ring of Valor by contacting

Once confirmed, you will be emailed an image of The Ring of Valor showing you're a member to be placed on your website.


Members will be listed in alphabetical order.

Castle Defense 360 - Security training, first responder training and more - Computer repair business

Tiffany's Bridal Boutique - Serving brides buying a wedding gown and more