about JBaileyStudio.com was founded in December of 2017 by Justin Bailey, a disabled Iraq war veteran of the Iraq war. Justin found himself in a position that he was unable to work again due to his injuries. He founded JBaileyStudio.com as a hobby to do things that he enjoyed doing and make a little money on the side.

Justin was an MP (Military Police) in the Army and was stationed in Germany for four years before deploying to Iraq in 2006.

Justin runs JBaileyStudio.com out of his home. The studio has the capabilities to work with it's clients a number of ways. We can work on your computer physically at the studio if you're local and want to drop it off. Justin also makes house calls if you're local. If you're not local there is always the option of mailing your computer in to the studio and we can work on it and mail it back. Another great option is we use Team Viewer, a third party program that uses an encryption based technology so that we can connect to your PC remotely and work on it from the comfort of your home. We can do whatever needs to be done remotely and you can watch us on the screen as we do it or you can walk away and just let us do our thing. When we connect remotely, there is some need that Justin may need to speak to you on the phone some as sometimes there are restarts and what not that will disconnect our connection and we will need to reconnect but we try and limit that as much as possible.

The great thing about JBaileyStudio.com is that we don't charge our clients ANYTHING. We simply ask for a donation for the work we do. So you get to pay as little or as much as you want. It's all up to you! Nobody can beat our price because it's YOUR price!

So browse the site, learn more about us, and hopefully we will become your go to stop for your PC needs! Our work and prices (haha) speak for themselves.