Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month
May is National Military Appreciation Month! This is a time to honor Veterans and active duty military personnel and give a hand shake or just a time to say thank you to our men and women that have and are bravely serving our great nation. Whether they fought in a combat zone or not, they are still veterans of our nation and deserve our utmost respect for their sacrifices and unwaivering dedication to our country. So if you see or know a Veteran or active duty military personnel, take a second out of your busy day to stop and say thank you! It means more than you may realize!

Freelance Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Welcome to! (First off I work for DONATIONS ONLY!) I specialize in PC repair covering Lancaster County Pennsylvania physically and remotely worldwide. *Note* (I do not work on Apple products). Are you having computer problems? Error messages? or is you're computer simply not working or working properly? I can help!

Are you searching online for an IT support business because your computer is running slow and causing you problems but you don't know who you can trust to fix it quickly and effectively for a price that YOU choose? If so, give me a call and let me show you what fast, friendly and highly-responsive outsourced IT service should be for your computer needs. Simply visit my contact page to get in touch with me.

I work freelance meaning you pay what you believe my services are worth. I don't charge an hourly or service rate. It's all up to you!

Take some time to browse through my site to see what all I do and see what services I offer in depth.


Services PC Tune-up
(Click to see what all is involved in a PC tune-up)

**PROMOTION** As PC Tune-ups are recommended on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, I offer every 5th tune-up that you get FREE, no donation required!

Computer repair & troubleshooting

Hard drive file(s) recovery

Computer setup

Computer restore

Software installations

Hardware installations

Ways I can work with you

1) I can come to you and work on your PC physically if you're local (Lancaster County, PA).

2) If you're local (Lancaster County, PA) you can drop your PC off at the studio to be worked on.

3) I can remotely connect to your PC from anywhere safely and securely and work on your PC.

4) You can mail your PC in to the studio for repairs and I will mail it back to you (insurance and tracking number included on all mailed PCs. I require you to add insurance and a tracking number when you mail your PC to the studio as well. This protects us both!)

Vist my contact page to get in touch with me about what service(s) you need done on your PC and to setup which method you'd like to use to work on your PC.

Team Viewer I use Team Viewer to connect remotely to customers outside of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Since I am a freelance service, I do not require a commercial license from Team Viewer to use their software for these purposes. This entitles me to work on computers across the globe!

Things I dont work on


MAC Books
Cell Phones
Smart watches


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