Freelance Computer Repair

Computer Repair Welcome to! I specialize in PC repair covering Lancaster county Pennsylvania (and outside, see below) (I do not work on Apple products). Are you having computer problems? Error messages? or is you're computer simply not working or working properly? I can help! I perform in home computer repairs.

Is you're PC running slow? Want to speed you're system up to factory settings or beyond? I can help with that too!

Simply contact me for services, I work freelance meaning you pay what you believe what you believe my services are worth. I don't charge an hourly or service rate. It's all up to you!

Things I cover:

  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Registry Repair
  • Junk File Clean
  • Privacy Sweep
  • Update Out of date drivers
  • Program Errors
  • System Optimization
  • Security Reinforcement
  • Updates

  • I use Team Viewer to connect remotely to customers outside of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Since I am a freelance service, I do not require a commercial license from Team Viewer to use their software for these purposes. This entitles me to work on computers across the globe!

    I also dabble in graphic design, you can view my portfolio or contact me if you're interested in having some free work done. Thanks for stopping by! -- Justin Bailey