Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness
From WebMD.com:
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) most often affects babies and children and makes it hard for them to use their muscles. When your child has SMA, there's a breakdown of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The brain stops sending messages that control muscle movement.

When that happens, your child's muscles get weak and shrink, and he can have trouble controlling head movement, sitting without help, and even walking. In some cases he can have trouble swallowing and breathing as the disease progresses.

There are different types of SMA, and how serious it is depends on which type your child has. There's no cure, but treatments can improve some symptoms and in some cases help your child live longer. Researchers are working to find new ways to fight the disease. Read More.

Freelance Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Welcome to JBaileySudio.com! (First off we work for DONATIONS ONLY!) We specialize in PC repair covering Lancaster County Pennsylvania physically and remotely worldwide via a secure encrypted connection through a third party program called Team Viewer. *Note* (We do not work on Apple products). Are you having computer problems? Error messages? or is you're computer simply not working or working properly? We can help!

Are you searching online for an IT support business because your computer is running slow and causing you problems but you don't know who you can trust to fix it quickly and effectively for a price that YOU choose? If so, give us a call and let us show you what fast, friendly and highly-responsive outsourced IT service should be for your computer needs. Simply visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

We work freelance meaning you pay what you believe our services are worth. We don't charge an hourly or service rate. It's all up to you!

Take some time to browse through our site to see what all I do and see what services we offer in depth.

Ways we can work with you

1) We can come to you and work on your PC physically if you're local (Lancaster County, PA).

2) If you're local (Lancaster County, PA) you can drop your PC off at the studio to be worked on.

3) We can remotely connect to your PC from anywhere safely and securely and work on your PC.

4) You can mail your PC in to the studio for repairs and we will mail it back to you (insurance and tracking number included on all mailed PCs. We require you to add insurance and a tracking number when you mail your PC to the studio as well. This protects us both!)

Vist our contact page to get in touch with us about what service(s) you need done on your PC and to setup which method you'd like to use to work on your PC.

Team Viewer We use Team Viewer to connect remotely to customers outside of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Since we are a freelance service, we do not require a commercial license from Team Viewer to use their software for these purposes. This entitles us to work on computers across the globe! Team Viewer is a secure encrypted program that ensures your saftey while we are connected to your PC.

Why choose us?

Friendly     We are friendly and very easy to work with. We will accomadate any situation you may have so that we may service you're needs when it comes to working on you're PC. Rest assured, no matter what your situation may be, we will work it out. Our staff is extremely friendly and easy to work with.

Experienced Our staff is extremely experienced when it comes to the services that we offer. We are very thourough with our work and we are dedicated to providing you with top of the line service that cannot be matched. If at any point you are not satisfied with our work, we will do it over (if possible) or simply not ask for any donation at all! That's how confident we are.

Reputation Our reputation speaks for itself. Have you ever heard anything bad about us? Didn't think so. That's beacuase we always ensure that our client's are completely satisfied with our work. We go above and beyond when it comes to our services. We pride ourselves on our work and never want to leave a customer unsatisfied and we stand behind our goal of never doing so.

Dollar Sign Are we expensive? Um, well, you decide. Yeah, that's right, you decide. We don't charge our client's ANYTHING! We simply ask for a donation for our work that you get to decide on. Yeah, you read that right, you decide what you want to donate for our services. We don't charge a fee, we don't charge anything by the hour, there's no hidden fees, nothing. It's all up to you! We would like to see any other computer repair business beat our, or well, YOUR price. There are a few different ways to make your donation... cash, check, or via PayPal.

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Organizations and Charities supported by us

We are always looking to give back and continue to contribute to the community, it's just something that's in our blood. The charities below are all supported by JBaileyStudio.com and we believe in their mission and the work that they do.

USO     Truth     Make A Wish Foundation     American Cancer Society     St. Jude Children's Research Hospital     American Red Cross     Wounded Warrior Project     ASPCA